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Concrete forms and grilles

Concrete forms and grilles

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Artichokes in the Dutch style

Artichokes in the Dutch style

Today I got the chance to get in to the garden to clean up and make some mulch to help the plants and trees survive another hot summer in seven months time. In the pile of garden refuse I found these two artichokes that bolted before they had chance to be cut. Perfect subjects for a still life…

I have always enjoyed looking at paintings and in particular those still life works of the Dutch Utrecht School of the first half of the seventeenth century and the Dutch flower paintings of the second half. The Names of Heda, Kalf and Jan Van Huysum are not well known to those who have not studied art history but their paintings are. I have seen any number of them printed on greetings cards!

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Four roses…

A four rose still life

Lumix G3 f4 1/10s ISO 160 LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25/F1.4

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Three roses…

Lumix G3 f2.8 1/80s LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25/F1.4

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Four roses as a still life…

Lumix G3 f1.4 1/10s ISO160 Summilux 25mm

Since the time I was in Art School I have always had something of a passion for still life be it drawing, painting or photography. I spent hours gazing at Dutch still life’s at the National Gallery in London and at the Manchester City Gallery. I was gob smacked the first time a few of Giorgio Morandi’s bottles next to each other . But alas, I seldom seem to have the time to spend time adjusting lights and moving the subjects a millimetre at a time to get things just right. Today I had to dead head the roses and as inevitably happens a few not so dead heads get lopped so I had my subject and as luck would have it half an hour of so to play .  I must find time to get the Pentax 6X7 out and use up some of the film in the freezer next time…

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Crystal Shadow…


Olympus OMD f6.5 1/1600s ISO250 12-50mm

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