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Hobart Street Art

Hobart Street Art

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Father and son…

Father and son

I have no idea who the street artist is that created this work of Father and son(?) but I think its brilliant the fluidity of the drawing with a spray can is masterful and worthy of more than the rear of an outside wall (toilet?) at the back of  William street in Perth.
Whoever you are well done…

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NAILED graffiti in Mount Lawley…

NAILED graffiti in Mount Lawley

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Ah! Lunch …

Ah!-LunchLumix G3  f4.9 1/60s ISO 400 Lumix Vario G 14-42 f3.5-5.6

Lunch as street art and there is a spare seat if you wish to join him…


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Tying mi boots, street art in Midland Western Australia

Tying mi bootsLumix G3 f3.5 1/1000s ISO 400 Leica DG Summilux 25/F1.4

I like street art! In towns and places that do not have the depth of history or architecture that European cities and towns have, whimsical street art elevates streetscapes often from dull and dreary to tolerable. Street art and even some graffiti for that matter have made Midland in Western Australia a place that temps one to stop and linger or walk from one place to another. Previously Midland was really a place to park do what had to be done and the get out as quickly as possible. Like many places in Western Australia Midland has to shake off the mental tagging of ‘dullsville’ and street art certainly helps…

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Is it a bird?


Olympus OMD f5.6 1/200s ISO200 12-50mm

A sony sensor eh!

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Meet the family!

Meet the family!

Olympus OMD f11 1/800 ISO 320 CanonFD 135mm f2.5

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Face on a wall…


Olympus OMD f11 1/329  ISO 320 Canon FD f2.5 135mm

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Grey Speckled Bird…

Olympus PEN EP-2 f3.5 1/60s ISO 400 14-42mm

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Red Bird…

Olympus PEN EP-2 f3.5 1/30s ISO400

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