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Street trees with attitude…

Street trees with attitude

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Two Trees one alive one that once was…

Two Trees one alive one dead...

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Street trees: Man with white package, tree with white trunk…


Olympus OMD f6.3 1/20s ISO 320 12-50mm lens

I was looking at the tree when a dark skinned person walked past the tree but I was not quite fast enough to grab the image it could have worked. Then a girl, then this man, the white package – perfect I had my photograph…¬†There was something about the similarity of the angle of the mans legs and the divide of the first limbs of the tree that caught my attention then the white package made it. I wanted the impression and exposed for movement I did not think of the one foot in focus. ¬†its funny how the unexpected ties the two elements together, sometimes things come together if you wait!

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Street trees and a very blue sky…


Olympus OMD f8 1/1000s ISO320 12-50mm lens

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Shadow on polished concrete

Canon 5D f4.5 1/1600s ISO100 EF24-105mm f4.5L IS

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