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Sunset over the first basin…

Sunset over the first basin

A very dramatic sunset over the first basin, Cataract gorge, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

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Sunset on the floor…

Sunset on the floor in spices a great Indian Resturaunt in Launceston

The setting sun produced a shadow gram on the blind that interested me. The grain of the wooden floor, the near vertical lines of the blinds, the chrome of the much copied Fritz Hansen chair, all came together in a quiet glance of angles and texture. The lady said are you one of these people that constantly looks at your phone? No I said there are qualities in the light shape and forms that interest me. As I look at the light this irrepressible force makes me concentrate on what is before me no matter how simplistic or mundane.  I have to record the composition with camera or much less often now a pencil and sketchbook. Its the way I am and have always been. I think she understood but I felt there were doubts…

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Rose Orange Forest…

Orange forest a very smokey sunset

Olympus EM-5 full spectrum converted.

If anyone tries to convince another that total knee replacements are painless its an absolute lie it hurts like hell I’m doing the exercises and tonight I walked a km. The twenty something physio said the more exercise you do the less pain you will have thats a lie to, besides what the heck would she know! Rant over…

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Last rays of sun – winter solstice…

Last rays of sun - winter solstice in the Jarrah forest

Olympus E-M1 OMD ƒ5.6 1/30s ISO320. Lumix 25mm
The last rays of sun squeezing through the trees. Its all down hill to summer, the days will start getting longer and the end of day walk will start later, but its still going to get colder for a few months at least.

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Forest sunset…

Summer heat in the Jarrah forest

The forest in summer with too much sunset. Analogue digital overlay

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Sunset on the southern firebreak…

Sigma DP2 ƒ2.8 1/40s ISO 100

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A twenty first century flying buttress…

A twenty first century flying buttress


Olympus EM-5 OMD, ƒ8 1/400s ISO200 Lumix 14-42 pancake zoom

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Red tails in the sunset …


Olympus EM-5 ƒ6.7 1/400s ISO200 Olympus 75-300

Couldn’t resist this title for these wonderful creatures that wake me up at five in the morning and scream at me before before supper.  If I walk in the orchard at night these cockatoo’s let me know the don’t want me there. If really surprized they take all take flight once and drop a volley of gum nuts on the car or if in the wrong place on ones head …

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Sunset in the Jarrah forest…

Sunset in the Jarrah forest

Sigma DP2M ƒ2.8 1/80s ISO 100

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Kings park a winter sunset …

Kings park a winter sunset

Kings park is really quite unique among the worlds cities to have a native bushland park that over looks the whole CBD. It is possible indeed quite easy to walk from the city centre and be in dense bushland within twenty minutes. Other parts of the park are in the classic English parkland style while other areas are flower beds and specimen plantings of rare and endangered WA natives.

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