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Elm at night

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Peppermint gum in the gorge…

Peppermint Gum a eucalyptus tree in the Cataract Gorge

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Urban Albrizia tree in focus

Urban Albrizia tree in focus
lympus EM-5 OMD ƒ/9 1/800s ISO400 Lumix 14-42mm G zoom

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Urban tree has new neighbors…

Urban tree has new neighbors
Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ/9 1/400s ISO 400 Lumix G 14-42

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Coppiced clump of jarrah trees …

Copiced-clump of Jarrah trees

Yashica 635 ƒ3.5 1/250s ISO100

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A court yard with a winter tree in Launceston

A court yard with a winter tree in Launceston

Olympus OMD EM-5 LUMIX G VARIO PZ 14-42 f5.6 1/60s ISO640


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Reflections of the Albert Hall and a silver birch Launceston

Reflections of the Albert Hall and a silver birch

Olympus OMD EM-5 LUMIX G VARIO PZ 14-42 f5.6 1/40s ISO640

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Cootamundra wattle sunset …


Even though our nights in the hills are quite cold down to freezing for the last few nights the flowers are starting to bloom first up is the Cootamundra wattle. Often regarded as a bit of a weed tree in Western Australia chiefly because it self sows. It can be seen in hedgerows running down smaller country roads and occasionally growing in clumps on the edge of the forest. The Cootamundra wattle is garden favorite because once the magnificent flush of flowers fade it takes its place in the garden with delightful silver grey fine feathery foliage. This was captured at sunset with the sun obscured behind the trees.

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Paperbark section – my favorite tree vandalized …

My favourite paperbark Melaleuca capitata in Glen Forrest
This is one of my favorite trees its a Paperbark a Melaleuca of some sort there are literally thousands in the family. This Paperbark tree specifically I have photographed several times, there is so much detail in the trunk its a bit of a resolution challenge for any lens. When in flower one can stand beneath its canopy and be almost deafened by the hum and buzz of bees. I decided to return to the little park in Glen Forrest and photograph the tree again only to find that it had been pruned, no de limbed and butchered is a better description. It will likely grow back and resume its weeping habit but for the time being its a sad representation of its former self…

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Dead Marri tree track…

Fallen Marri track


This along with yesterdays post was taken on the Sigma DP2 Merrill, the image of this dead Marri that this little brick produces when inspected closely have a painterly quality about them sometimes a little like the M9 especially at low light levels. Ten minutes later it was dark night comes quickly in the forest, With regards to the post processing with the Foveon images, very little has to be adjusted compared with my normal practice in ACR. Another interesting characteristic of this Foveon sensor is that it produces no and I mean no fringing whatsoever this is something of a revelation as virtually every camera I have ever used produces fringing at some point with one lens or other, this DP2 is unique! Here is a 100% crop of the dead red gum. As one does, I came back and had another look at the above image only to find that it was not how imagined it looked after I did the post processing. I believe I forgot to convert the colour setting to sRGB. In previous versions of Photoshop this did not seem to be as big a problem as it is with this current version CS6… In this version of the image the painterly quality is more apparent. To me the above photograph has a Pre Raphaelite landscape look to it even though the overall colouring is a good representation of the actual scene… I don’t print my photos any where near as much as I should. Printing ones photographs as reflective images is without doubt the best way to really see ones photos as opposed to looking at them as illuminated images onscreen.



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