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Half tree track …

Half tree track the long process of an old tree returning to the earth ...Yashica Mat f8 Fuji Neopan 100 exposed as 400 Stand developed in Rodinal

This is an another image of  the ever changing life of a tree in the forest. This remaining spike of tree in the foreground died likely fifty years ago. In the twenty years that I have been photographing this area I have watched it degrade from a hollow tree to two spikes and now to the last single spike of timber and a buttress. Sad but in the general area there are quite a few saplings that are the direct decedents of this once huge tree.

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Young plane trees in the Midland Old courthouse precinct in Infrared …

A young Plane tree in the Midland Court house precinct
I never tier of photographing trees especially against an architectural background. Infrared offers an alternative way of seeing the shapes of both in the middle of the day when in Western Australian both would be cloaked in dark shadow obscuring detail or light so bright that it hurts un shaded eyes. Infrared also introduces a different spectrum of  tonalality and of course in photoshop it can be manipulated!

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My favourite paperbark Melaleuca capitata …

My favourite paperbark Melaleuca capitata in Glen Forrest

Canon 5D converted to infrared 720nm filter.

I have photographed this paperbark several times it sort of like visiting an old friend! With every change of season the tree changes. About five years ago after a storm it lost a limb, but within two years it had grown over and the tree looks as balanced as it did before the storm. There is a lot of detail in this paperbark image  and I wanted to emphasize this by reducing some of the tone and increasing the contrast. It now has the look of an engraving and will make a good print… 

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Felled tree white ants and politics…

Felled jarrah tree in Glen ForrestLumix G3 f8 1/50s ISO 160

Out for a walk an hour or so before sunset and came across this felled tree looking at the base it had been white anted in the true sense rather than as is currently common in the political sense. I have never experienced such a period as this in any country. The populous are for the most part comfortable, there are no shortages of any sort. Most of the present governments policies are sound relative to what is happening in the rest of the world and yet they come under such vicious and disrespectful attacks from the opposition who really don’t have much to offer in the way of policy or personality. To add to this horrid mix there are factions of the governments party who seem to be hell bent on self destruction . Politics has always been a spiteful business but at the present it seems to have become a festering mess…

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An old paperbark in Glen Forrest…

A paperbark tree in Glen Forrest Lumix G3 f3.5 1/20s ISO400 Lumix G Vario PZ 14-42/F3.5-5.6

The detail that this lens captures wide open is remarkable. I am going to reshoot this tree on a medium format camera probably in B&W and stand develop it. I am really curious to see if this can be out resolved on a fine grain 120 film.

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Street trees: Man with white package, tree with white trunk…


Olympus OMD f6.3 1/20s ISO 320 12-50mm lens

I was looking at the tree when a dark skinned person walked past the tree but I was not quite fast enough to grab the image it could have worked. Then a girl, then this man, the white package – perfect I had my photograph… There was something about the similarity of the angle of the mans legs and the divide of the first limbs of the tree that caught my attention then the white package made it. I wanted the impression and exposed for movement I did not think of the one foot in focus.  its funny how the unexpected ties the two elements together, sometimes things come together if you wait!

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Jane's Mangos… ripe in three weeks?


Canon S70 f5.3 1/320s ISO100

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Pomegranate flower…

Pomegranate tree flower

Canon 5D f22 1/3s ISO160 EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

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Stringy Bark

Olympus PEN EP-2 f4.7 1/15th  ISO 100 converted to monochrome in ACR

Olympus PEN EP-2 f4.7 1/15th  ISO 100

The light was flat and the sky cloudy and we have had some much needed rain as a result there was very little difference between colour and monochrome. I must re shoot this in IR it might be interesting…

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A Queensland box…

Olympus Pen EP-2  f6.3  2.5s ISI160

This Queensland box tree has been in the Midland Railway car park  for as long as I can remember. Its huge root bulb has been paved over on numerous ocassions so much so the paving has grown up and around with the tree. Two weeks the tree was cut down and the area was paved over…

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