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Mono trunks…

At a time when spring is in full swing the colours are the most obvious thing one sees but as soon as dusk begins to fall on the land all colours turn to grey…

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The many branches of education…


A slightly different take of this series of the education departments complex looking through to the subject I remember going inside this complex on a job just after they first moved in. It would be an experience to go have a look twenty years on, and education perhaps…

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Ghost gums at sunset…

Ghost gums at sunset in Mahogany Creek

Sigma DP2 f3.5 1/60s ISO100.

Gum tree leaves are a pain in the back side. If it happens that winter rains arrive late as did happen this year gum trees pile on massive amounts of growth. Then just when the 40 degree heat arrives and with it the associated fire risk these magnificent trees decide to part company and drop as much as 40% of their leaves.

Gum leaves break down into humus the same as any genus of tree leaves except that this process can take a three to five years or even longer as a result they pile up and pile up. Then as the new moon rises the strong winds arrive and guess what those leaves being like little aerofoils blow every where . Then they have to be raked up to avoid being a fire hazard. Most years it is not an unpleasant task but this season the rains were late, the new growth was prodigious, the heat has been long and high and the winds strong. One could say as seems commonly used these days ‘the perfect storm’ …

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Those water tank trees, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Those water tank trees, Gardens by the Bay,Singapore


Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ9 1/1200s ISO320 12-50 lens

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Windows and trees at the design centre, Launceston…

Windows and trees

Olympus OMD EM-5 LUMIX G VARIO PZ 14-42 f5.6 1/15s ISO640

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Full moon in the Jarrah forest …

Full moon in the Jarrah forest

Dark arrives earlier in the Jarrah forest than in the suburbs of Perth because the sun slips below the trees about an hour before it is lost to the horizon of the Indian ocean some forty kilometers away. As a result moon light seems brighter here than on the flat sand plain. Where this was taken the elevation is 295 metres above sea level. We have very few street lights so there is nothing to dim the light of stars and planets above the trees in the east even before the last light of the sun disappears. A few stars can be seen through the trees. As the sun sinks the light pollution of Perth takes over in the west where sun rays where only minutes before. The yellow light on the small secondary growth Jarrahs comes from an auto on light on the corner of my studio that lights the path. I have never captured this view before but then the rising full moon is only in this position for a few days a year and I don’t recall seeing it like this before. All the elements of trees, moon, blue night sky and camera might never come together like this again.


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Fallen Marri Tree

Fallen tree Darling Range Jarrah Forest
Yashica Mat  f8 Fuji Neopan 100 exposed as 400 Stand developed in Rodinal

This Fallen tree in the Darling Ranges Jarrah Forest fell to the side of the walk trail about twenty years ago. There was a really bad storm in August and this whole area was quite profoundly affected, huge trees that were in all likely hood suffering from the effects of dieback fell down all through the whole area. For quite a few months every walk was a bit of a discovery and then a year or so after the storm CALM as it was then called Conservation and Land Management had a prescribed burn to reduce the leaf and other tree litter that had accumulated over the previous umpteen years. The following spring was quite remarkable new growth everywhere lots of flowers that hadn’t been seen for years and small sapling trees and shrubs grew by the day.

I have photographed this forest in many ways and many times but home processed black and film looks right, this was made on a forty odd year old Yashica Mat. I really like TLR’s I always wanted a Rollei wide…

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Eucalypt puddle…

Leica M9 f6 1/60s ISO 320 Voigtlander Nokton 50mm

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Tyres and trees…

Canon 5D infrared f5.6  1/40s ISO 100

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Nectarines in flower – Arctic Girl

Canon 5D f16 1/40 ISO100  EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

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