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Then we took a plane – Qantas carrying a cockatiel!

Quantas pretty good service this time

At the end of the flight when we picked him up in Adelaide fresh out of the Qantas hold he was traumatised the. PTSD last about weeks. I don’t know if this applies to all birds but Cockatiels are very sensitive little creatures. In the mornings all birds tend to be, well er noisy! In Lucio’s case this manifests itself as chattiness, he will speak all the three word sentences he has ever learned but after the plane trip and a few days later the 8 hours inside the car in the hot hold of the spirit of Tasmania he was stressed very stressed all his words came out jumbled up and even the sylables were in some cases back to front. All very odd. There is a Phd thesis in there somewhere…

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First the car took a train on the Indian specific…

A guard for the car


This was all a bit dumb go back a few posts and you will see my next best friend. he is a beautiful white faced cockatiel a native of W.A. so one of my lusts of a life time was crushed a trip to Melbourne on the Indian Pacific, when we were told birds can’t travel on trains I was devastated… How silly is that! So we had to take a plane while the car traveled on the train

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My little friend – meet Lucio…



Meet Lucio… Lucio is a¬†Whiteface lutino cockatiel and he is very friendly, sometimes a bit noisy, always curious. He has a vocabulary of about twenty five words some English and some Italian. A few choice phrases that includes things he likes to eat and things he wants to give away, he’s a very generous bird. But some times I think he gets a bit confused about the things he wants and the things he wants to give. The same is true about the tunes he likes to whistle Mozart and¬†Tchaikovsky some times get mixed up but we don’t hold that against him because when he whistles he is obviously very happy and even though he is only a small bird Lucio spreads a lot of happiness around.

This photograph of Lucio was made on a rellies seven year old Nikon D80 with a Sigma 70-300mm lens. Its now regarded as a small megapixel camera, but ten megapixels is all that most web applications will ever need, I have had good A3 prints from a similar sensor size in a Canon! The overall image quality is lovely. The few lenses that he has are all good including this Sigma which is currently selling for under $200 online. Its hard to believe that such a good light weight kit would sell for so little. The camera and this lens are on Gumtree.com.au selling for AUD$475 with a really nice Nikon bag, filter, spare batteries and instruction manual.



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