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Finding things in nasturtiums…

Nastsurtium tickles bees tummies for pollen

One never knows what one might find inside flowers! This is a humble nasturtium that self seeded and managed to climb almost two metres up a shrub. And very conveniently at the moment, I still can’t kneel down. EM-1with the 60mm Macro Crutch used as monopod! I watched as a bee had its tummy tickled while entering this humble nasturtium…

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Pak Choi in flower…

Vedgetables in flower the pretty little Pak choi

Olympus EM-1 OMD ƒ/9 1/5s ISO640 60mm Macro lens

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Reed trigger plant or Stylidium junceum

Reed trigger plant or Stylidium junceum



Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ4.5 1/100s ISO200 60mm ƒ2.8Macro


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Aeonium undulatum flower …

Aeonium undulatum

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Spring is on its way …

Spring is on its way
It might be a couple of months away but this small understory tree is in full spring bloom. One of the problems in W.A. is that most people don’t realize and don’t understand the depth of biodiversity that grows here. Very few of our native plants and shrubs have been commercialized and often those that have been taken overseas or to the eastern states. This small easily managed Acacia species would make a lovely addition to any garden and members of the same family will grow almost anywhere.


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Spring beauty


Test Lumix f5.6 1/40s ISO320 LUMIX G VARIO PZ 14-42/f3.5-5.6

Orchids pop up anywhere and you never no where… In my bit of forest I have even marked where orchids have grown in previous years to see if there is any chance of a repeat flowering, it has never happened. Of all the orchids in the Darling ranges this yellow cowslip orchid is the most common. This one decided to grow next to a trigger plant I don’t think there is any symbiotic arrangement between the two in this case its just a very pleasant surprise a sort of native wild flower arrangement…

Since all my cameras and most of my lenses were thieved I have had to buy a quick replacement – no OMD’s or M9’s in Perth so I managed to get a Lumix G3 it handles quite well, the menu system is quite average and the IQ is not as good as the OMD The noise is evident above ISO400 and the noise that is present has different qualities to that seen in the OMD or the the EP2 for that matter.  As a kit lens I quite like the X lens this is not the standard lens sold with the G3 but one model up same as the kit lens sold with the GX1. This lens is tiny I would love to see how it performs on an OMD. This Nano coating Panasonic uses on its new lenses has an affect on specular highlights its a bit like having a polarizing filter fitted without the corresponding loss of 1 stop or the increased saturation of the sky in particular. Its always interesting to try new combinations of lens and body…
An interesting comparison between two similar cameras  and also from m43blog
Which begs the comparison between the G5 and OMD this I would like to see…
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Fiery succulent flower


Lumix f5.6 1/60s ISO400 50mm Canon FD Macro

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Not Pyrethrum…


Olympus OMD f3.5 1/250s ISO200 Canon FD 50mm Macro

There are many insect repelling plants but I have no idea what this is it came from a Malaysian lady so I have to assume that it could be of South East Asian origin. I has a pungent fragrance maybe should that be odour and insects and caterpillars give it a wide birth it seems to be so effective that I am going to take many cuttings and plant them around the vegetable garden…

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Dandelion Day…

Dandelion Day

Leica M9 f8 1/180s ISO 200 Voigtlander 75mm f1.8

I like Dandelions from the first time I blew a dandelion clock to the sixties hit by the Rolling stones to my to grandmothers dandelion wine . I still have her recipes somewhere… I photographed these dandelions near Siena in Tuscany last year they quite the largest seed heads I have ever seen. I am uncertain if the huge size about 100mm is due to a varietal difference or the fact the rich volcanic soils cause incredible growth!

Dandelion and wild oats


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Canon 300V f8 1/125s Lensbaby Agfa ultra ISO400

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