Corrie number eighteen…

Corrie - Inspired bu corrugated steel roofing

Corrie number eighteen.

Originially created in Photoshop 4! Its time they see the light of day…

Corrie – Corrugated roofs are everywhere in Australia this was the initial inspiration when I was building our home in Mahogany Creek in 1990. Originally the walls were going to be made of Colourbond corrugated steel – Corrie to every one who works with this wonderful material. I spent a lot of time designing that house but ironically corrie wasn’t used I couldn’t get anyone at the time to do the work, roofs yes, but not the exterior walls so I had to use a more conventional type of steel cladding. Now of course its used all over the place for every purpose imaginable there are many variations even a mini orb where the corrugations are only 15mm apart. One chain of work clothes shops uses throughout the interiors. I designed and built several tables that incorporated curved bullnose corrie. Altogether a versatile and practical material.

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