Jarrah dieback on film…

Old-dieback-affected-Jarrah in the back garden

Rollei Giro 70 Agfa Ultra ISO100
I paid a few dollars for a little Rollei Giro 70 a few years ago at a Cash Converters and have only run a few films through it, this image is quite nice. Another shot of Jarrah diebackĀ in the back garden.

The big problem with film these days is that some of the places that still process C41 do such a poor job of it I feel really quite mad about paying $7 for process only just to get poorly processed film. This film was badly scratched (it wasn’t the camera) and had so many dust spots that it took an hour to retouch. So now its a question of saving all the exposed rolls until I drive into the city and leave them with one of the two remaining dedicated processors. I quite like processing B&W and could do C41 colour with some effort but it is a tedious process in summer when the temperature hasn’t dropped below thirty odd for what seems like a eternity…

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