Ice cream cone furniture…

Ice cream cone seat, Norgen Vaaz,Midland,Western Australia Olympus OMD EM-5 ƒ8 1/40th ISO 500
At some point in my career I might have described Ice cream cone furniture like this as pure kitsch. But seen in context it really is no different to the shop signs of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries where craftsman and shop traders hung symbols of their trade above their shop entrances. I remember some of the older towns from my original homeland where there were any number of these symbols in the High street. Boots for shoe shops and cobblers, the striped poles for barbers, a large fish for fish mongers and so on. Quite honestly I think any child would see these ice cream cone seats and tables as a welcome addition to an out side al fresco area. And oh yes they are quite comfortable…


SE forest track

Expired Fuji NEOPAN film shot on a Yashica Mat shot

Yashica mat f 3.5 1/250s Fuji neopan stand deved 1hr Rodinal 5ml to 500ml

About five years ago we returned from a a month long trip to find that the freezer had died while we were away and judging by the smell of the meat that defrosted it was earlier in the month! Even though all my film was in bags and not hot by any means I think it must have suffered in some way as some films have a greyed look to them.