Sort and clean… All about film

How-film-is-made picked up in Hamilton Bermuda

I am in the process of sorting out most of my collected books pamphlets mostly about film and photography that I have accumulated over the years in preparation for a move to better things. In the process I have found numerous publications that date from the fifties and sixties that may be of interest to people who are starting to use film.

I still use film and enjoy the qualities that it produces, I really don’t have a preference for analogue or digital photography its the finished result that counts the fact is I recently bought another film camera to try some things that I always wanted to do but never got the opportunity try earlier in life. I really don’t think I want to return to photographic printing but do I have a serious lust for an 8×10 or even a 11×14 to then make alternate contact prints from. I found ┬ásome negs that I did on a 4×5 Sinar and the prints I made from those excited me enough to consider and even larger format but this will come later.
In the meantime if you are curious about how film is made have a read of this from Kodak. I picked it up from The Camera Store in Hamilton Bermuda in approximately 1967….How film is made

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